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  • Contacted ingame by goldutshop?
    Contacted ingame by goldutshop?We would like to point out that goldutshop does not build any business contacts ingame.goldutshop neither does any ingame advertising, nor offers anything within a game!Please ignore such scammers and do not send them money, gold or anything else.These are not goldutshop employees!Please only order using our official sales platforms.
  • Can it happen that goldutshop demands back the gold?
    Can it happen that goldutshop demands back the gold?goldutshop will NEVER ask you to return once delivered gold/credits/coins!If someone should ever try to persuade you to return already received gold, this person tries to scam you.If you take a closer look you will find that this person uses a character name very similar to the one of the actual supplier – but not 100% identical.PLEASE DO NOT RETURN YOUR GOLD/CREDITS/COINS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!We do not assume any liability for a product lost that way.
  • When will my order be delivered?
    The delivery time is always displayed in the category overview of the product.Please contact us if:the delivery time is significantly exceededyou did not receive an order confirmationPossible reasons why delivery delays may occur with virtual items/currencies:servers are being updated/patchedservers are being downvery high demand for a particular productPossible reasons why delivery delays may occur with keys:the email containing the key ends up in your spam folderyour email provider blocks our email all togetherShould there be a delivery delay on our part, we kindly ask you to excuse the inconvenience.
  • How To Buy Fallout 76 Caps & Fallout 76 Items
    How We Trade In Fallout 76?PC players please provide the correct Bethesda ID, XBOX players please provide the correct XBOX Tag, PS4 players please provide the correct PSN ID.We will add you as a friend in the game, please accept the friend request. After adding a friend, please enter our world and fast trade to our map. We will initiate a trade with you. Accept the request. If you ordered Bottle Caps, then please sell an item for the amount of Caps your puchased, we will buy your item; if you bought weapons, we will sell weapon price for 0 Cap, you can complete the trade by clicking on the purchase.Note: One of your character can not exceed 25,000 caps. Specific Steps :1.After you ordered, you will receive a Friend Invite.2.Open the social panel and click Accept Friend Invite.3.Click to join our world.4.Enter the world.5.After entering the world, click on us and fast trave to our map.6.We will invite a trade with you.7.Accept the trade invite.8.This is the trading page.9.We will mark the weapon (item) you ordered with a price of 0 Caps, you click to buy.10.You can also click on the weapon (item) you purchased in our inventory.11.We will also set the price for 0 Caps, then you click to buy.12.Trading caps. The maximum transaction limit for a single item is 5000 caps.13.If you purchased 10,000 caps. You can sell 2 same items each for 5,000 Caps.14.We will buy your items and you will get the Bottle Cap.
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