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Home News 10% Bonus For Every Customers after Order Delivered
10% Bonus For Every Customers after Order Delivered
10% Bonus For Every Customers after Order Delivered

Dear customers,

Every customer will get the chance to win the reward of 10% free bonus of the order amount you have paid in GOLDUTSHOP.

The 100% chance to get 10% bonus is very easy:

1, After your order has completed delivery, please recommend GOLDUTSHOP to your friends by sharing the site to certain social networks if you are satisfied our service. The social networks involving: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blog, game forums, and Reddit etc.

2, Contact our Live Support after sharing. You will get free 10% bonus of all the delivered order amounts.

3, For some special order with pretty high price for every single measuring unit, we will replace the rewards to the equal items, such as one crate in Rocket League, or currency in POE.

4, Every customer can get one-time reward for every different social networks.

For example, Eric shared GOLDUTSHOP to Facebook after his first order has been delivered. He will get 10% free bonus of this delivered order.

After a while, Eric placed another order, and he shared GOLDUTSHOP again to Blog, he will get another 15% free bonus of his second order amounts.

The exact deadline of this event will be based on GOLDUTSHOP notice.

We will constantly provide 100% satisfactory service for all our customers. If you have extra requirement for us, please don’t recommend us til you are satisfying.

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